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The Confidence Project

Refreshinlgy honest & helpful conversations for fitness-minded women exploring body, business, and the human experience.

Nov 27, 2019

I used to wing my launches... hell, I used to wing my ENTIRE year.
And because I was gritty, I could always pull it off.

Of course I was able to increase my revenue once I started planning my launches out! And in today's episode I explain exactly how I plan out my entire year and how it can help you work less,...

Nov 26, 2019

Things I never could have admitted about my clients (or myself) when I was a fat loss coach.

DCDO is 40% off until 11/28/19.
Then it drops down to 30%
And then down to 20% through 12/2/19
And then it goes away until 2020.
It will never be 40% off again- that's a guarantee!
You can read more about DCDO here
and send me a...

Nov 21, 2019

Public likes are going away on IG- WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? And how does it impact your online business?

Nov 19, 2019

HELMET EPISODE! You're going to need one for this one.

Our body image story and our relationship with food is buried DEEP. Under hundreds if not thousands of layers of years worth of stories, social conditioning, and self-confirming biases that make us all feel what we've been taught to be true: our body is bad...

Nov 13, 2019

Have you ever watched someone do something and you think to yourself "it can't be THAT hard!"?

...then you do it, and you're frustrated that it IS hard? Then you attach some BS story to it feeling hard and want to quit? Yeah, that's expectation mismanagement, and it usually comes from a lack of understanding of what it...