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Mar 19, 2019

What do you typically do the day after you eat like garbage? How do you even *know* if you ate like garbage?

Chances are you use the scale or the mirror to decide "how you ate" the day prior- but what happens if you don't? Then how do you know, right? It can be tough to move away from external forms of feedback to decide if you're eating in a way that serves you- but I can promise you that your body is always telling you how you're doing. In fact, the scale AND the mirror can cloud that judgement.

There were days (when the scale was the ONLY barometer for my success) that I would have eaten like crap, the scale would go down (it happens!) and I felt validated to continue to not pay attention to my physical wellness and continue to have days where my eating consisted of nothing but beer and hot wings from the local college bar. It felt like getting away with murder!

While my "garbage eating days" no longer consist of $0.89 pitchers of beer and $0.10 hot wings, my gauge for how I'm doing no longer hinges on what I weight or what I look like, but rather- it's all about how I feel physically. Do I have energy? Am I lethargic? Do I feel strong? Am I thriving right now or barely surviving?

What's more than that is how we navigate food the following day.
If you're anything like I was- the day after a not-so-stellar day of eating would either be a game of "how little food can I get away with today to make up for yesterday" or "OMG- I need to get back on a diet to regain some control!"

But, where does that get us?

Tune in to hear more about how to dig yourself out of the spiral of pin-balling back and forth between eating "omg so bad" and "omg so good."