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The Confidence Project

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Jun 10, 2022

Instead of lusting after someone's IG or free content- get curious about their business model. How are they making money?

Is it an ebook? A DIY course? 1:1 Coaching? group coaching? Is that what you want to do?

Your business model can/will change the way you approach many things in your business- including how and why you use social media and how free content & social media fits into that puzzle.

For example, posting on IG might be a great idea for someone who has an evergreen freebie that links to an evergreen DIY offer. Does your biz have that? Does it need it? Do you want to create that? Get curious.

Think you want to start a TikTok account? Cool. The question becomes: what are people selling on TT? Do you have something that will sell well on TT? Maybe you won't sell anything on TT-- what's the gameplan then?

Tune in to hear more.