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The Confidence Project

Refreshinlgy honest & helpful conversations for fitness-minded women exploring body, business, and the human experience.

Sep 26, 2016

I used to believe two things:
1) The meaner I was to myself, the more I would be motivated to workout more and eat less to have a "better" body.
2) I thought the "better" my body looked, the more I would be able to love and accept myself.

Both of these thoughts were WRONG. 

This episode is for women who also believe...

Sep 7, 2016

How many of you begin each Monday thinking "I HAVE to eat good all week since I ate so BAD all weekend long!"

Enough is enough.

5 days of "perfect" eating and 2 days of bingeing and overeating foods will produce zero results. And I mean ZERO. I'm living proof.

It wasn't until I stopped trying to be perfect, and...