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The Confidence Project

Refreshinlgy honest & helpful conversations for fitness-minded women exploring body, business, and the human experience.

Nov 29, 2018

Peeing your pants is not normal!

This episode is for you if you... have a vagina. No, but really. Because if you have a vagina, then you have a pelvic floor and this stuff is important!

Whether you're like me and have never been pregnant, or if you're currently pregnant, or are already postpartum, your pelvic...

Nov 27, 2018

Women thrive off of learning empowering tools for three things specifically:

their body, their relationships, and their money.

Speaking about money mindset is actually one of my biggest passions, and in today's episode, I talk about an interesting theory I read about in a book I just finished reading: "Profit First"...

Nov 22, 2018

100% an impromptu episode! Less than 8 minutes long- but here for those of you who need a pep talk and a pat on the behind before you head off into a potential battle field around the Thanksgiving table.

This very well may be you're first year not dieting at this time, and you're navigating food very differently this...

Nov 20, 2018

No matter what you're working on or what your goal is, there is a specific metric that you're "SUPPOSED" to be focusing on.

In the online business space, there are all of these metrics that you're "SUPPOSED" to look at: engagement, downloads, conversion rates, open rates, website traffic... the list goes on and on.


Nov 15, 2018

If the Confidence Project were to cease to exist, THIS would be the episode I'd let the show go out with. Seriously. Lucky for you, I'm not going anywhere, but that's how obsessed I am with this episode.

Jessica of Wholly Healed spends the hour dropping truth bomb and truth bomb about being a woman, why women compete...