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Oct 16, 2018

The health and fitness industry tells us that weight loss IS health, that dieting IS health, that marching to the scale every morning is just a normal part of it. Want to be part of the fitness crowd? The health and wellness crowd? GREAT. Now, just fall in line, count your calories, and weigh yourself often just make sure you're doing it right. Right?


Sometimes putting weight loss on the back burner is one of the most HEALING things you can do for yourself. Healthy...healing... HEAL. Do you see the trend? THIS IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

There's a whole host of stuff that goes wrong when we're dieting all the time. Not to mention- who even knew that women had another option besides weight loss?

Well, I'm here to tell you- there are countless other options for you, your health, & your mental and emotional sanity. And there's also a bit of a problem when you're dieting all of the time.

Ever wonder what the effects of constantly dieting are?
Sure, in last week's we talked about how restricting calories will inevitably lead to a binge- but outside of that, what else are the ramifications of chronically dieting? A WHOLE BUNCH!

We dive on into just the most surface level damaging effects of chronically dieting.

Want to see what dieting looked like on me? Click here and scroll down a bit.
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