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The Confidence Project

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Jan 15, 2019

Ever feel jealous? Trust me- I do, too.
It's easy to scroll past anyone and everyone on social media and just feel like you're life is missing a bunch of stuff. Whether that's actual THINGS, or relationships, or money, or traveling- or WHATEVER, feeling jealous is commonplace. BUT, instead of just brushing it under the rug and chalking it up to you're life sucking and everyone else's not sucking- what's important is to recognize where the jealousy is coming from.

Once you realize that jealousy is actually pointing to something, and once you put in the work to uncover what's under the jealousy, then you can do this ONE thing moving forward. It's super simple- so simple, in fact, that you may shrug your shoulders and overlook it- but I can guarantee if you commit to making this a part of your practice each and every time you ever feel jealous, you'll start to feel a hell of a lot better about your life.