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May 22, 2018

Binge eating has NOTHING to do with food.
It has everything to do with HOW YOU THINK ABOUT THE FOOD.

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May 15, 2018

Don't hire me.
Don't hire anyone.

This is why this episode can cost me my job (sort of!)
There is so much you need to figure out and get a handle on before you start focusing on fat loss.

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May 8, 2018

There's SO MUCH BS to sift through out there in the online space- ESPECIALLY when it comes to dieting.

One day, we're reading articles demonizing something and the next day, another click bait article comes out saying we need more of that one thing. It's maddening, isn't it!?

We have to skim the fat (no pun intended) and stick to the big rocks of what is actually important.

Something interesting happens when we focus on the big rocks- all of the noise fades away. We don't click on every.damn.thing. on the internet. We don't implement this new crazy idea that we think is the MISSING PEICE every time the wind blows. Doesn't that sound nice?? IT IS!

Break through the noise- focus on the big rocks.
I got your back, girlfriend.


May 1, 2018

Here's the biggest, darkest secret of weight loss: there is no secret.

The answer, in its most clinical form, is a math problem- and its right in front of our faces every day.

The truth is- you CAN eat anything that you want. No, not if you have a food allergy, this isn't about that. But guess what? I was my heaviest when I was dieting and eliminating foods from my diet. MY HEAVIEST.

Does it take some time and work and patience to fine-tune your newfound liberty around foods so that it can work for you? YES. But, you won't feel so crazy, you won't feel so anxious, and you won't be on a damn diet anymore white-knuckling your way to some proverbial happy ending that you've made up in your head.

You can eat anything you want and have the body you want- I promise.

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Apr 27, 2018

I used to think that I was the healthiest lifestyle queen out there. I worked out with tons of intensity every day of the week for years. And then it occurred to me- what good is this if I just go back home and park my ass on the couch for the rest of the day?

Don't get me wrong- exercise and intentional movement NEEDS to stay in your life in my opinion- but- is it really the end all be all? What implications does the REST of our day have on our quality of life?

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Apr 19, 2018

I posted a pretty controversial article on Facebook that got me a lot of flack- me?! Get flack?! SHOCKING, I know! ;) 

I want to hash out a few things about sugar in this episode- so, whether or not you're on the anti-sugar train or not, you're going to want to tune into this one!

Apr 17, 2018

Maybe all of your workouts are doing you more harm than good?
Let's find out!

Share this short(er) episode with women who are wasting their time doing MORE MORE MORE MORE in the gym and wondering how the hell it's not yet!


Apr 13, 2018

Back in 2014, I felt a pain in my neck that left me on the couch unable to move for 4 days. It eventually went away. A few weeks later, I noticed that I was numb on the left side of my upper back, and the numbness ran down a portion of my left arm and into my pinky.

Being the genius that I am, I ignored it for as long as I could. After one workout in particular, my left hand was completely paralyzed for almost 30 minutes. That scared me enough to see a doctor. After an MRI, they found 3 slipped discs in my neck, and 3 more in my lower back. They also found that I had a 30 degree curvature of my spine in one direction, and a 17 degree curve in the other direction. I was sentenced for a life-long journey of back discomfort and pain management.

I was able to rehab myself back underneath a barbell, competed in several Crossfit competitions and made it to the platform of a powerlifting meet.

In December 2017, I endured 5 consecutive weeks of back pain that left me unable to put my own socks, pants, or shoes on without writhing pain. My doctor told me that my next steps would be back surgery. I walked out of her office with pain medication and no game plan.

Until I came across Dr. Jocelyn Wallace, who single-handedly helped rehab my back. No pain medication, no sentence of a surgery, no gloom-and-doom threat of never touching a barbell again.

This episode ROCKED MY WORLD! If you have a body, this episode is for you.

Listen to it 1,000 times if you have to- take notes. Listen with the intention to learn and absorb.

You can follow Jocelyn on IG at athletically_you

Get your party pants on people- your pain free life awaits you!

Let's chat!

Apr 11, 2018

File this episode under: things that fire Christina up :)

Ever wonder what the mystical missing piece of the fitness puzzle is? It actually is pretty magical- this one thing will quite literally allow you to workout LESS and get better results.

If you're praying I say some sort of wrap or shake or pill or powder, you're on the super wrong side of the internet and need to leave asap ;) If you're ready to revel in the word and meaning behind INTENSITY (the ONE thing missing from your workouts!) then, buckle up. This episode is for you, sister!

Apr 3, 2018

I asked the women over in the TCP Facebook group

what their goals for April were. And, like I sort of thought- our goal setting skills need work!

If you feel like you always set goals only to almost never achieve them- this episode is for you!

Oh, and I have this super cool and super free download for you to go along with this! You can download it by going here!

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Mar 22, 2018

Amanda Fisher and I are pretty much the same person ;)
A few weeks ago, weight watchers invited teens to join for free.
If you had to take a guess- do you think we're happy about this or not?

If you guessed NOT happy, you're right. But, tune in to hear why! 

You can follow Amanda on IG & Facebook @ amandafishercoaching
or visit her website at

Mar 19, 2018

WAIT! Seriously, wait. Before you go back to weight watchers, jenny craig, beach body, Atkins, Paleo, Keto, the fast metabolism diet or WHATEVER- you need to listen to this.

Still have girl scout cookies in your house? Maybe not because you ate them all so that you could get back to "being good" and "back on track" with your diet, right?

Trust me- you'll want to listen to this one.

Applications are still open for TriBrid! This is the #1 way to work with my online. I'm looking for women who are sick of wasting their time in the gym, sick of dieting, and sick of beating themselves up over every little thing. Does that sound like you? Fill out an application by going here! 

TriBrid is a 12-week program that focuses on the THREE main pillars of your success- both in and out of the gym: fitness, nutrition, and mindset. I can't wait to work with you!

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Mar 5, 2018

****Content warning: the topics discussed within this episode may be triggering. Please do not listen to this episode if you are at risk of being triggered. The contents within this episode are not meant to treat or diagnose any mental health disorders, including but not limited to eating disorders.

if you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please find more information by contacting your Physician or visiting  

Amanda's story will always be so near and dear to my heart.
This episode is released on her BIRTHDAY and I can't think of a better way to celebrate her being on this earth than by sharing her story. You can read her original blog post by going here.

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Feb 19, 2018

"My husband thinks I'm sexy!"

This conversation was spurred on by Amanda noticing that women keep validating their body image by saying "oh, well my husband loves me."

And I'm with her in that- this phrase DRIVES ME INSANE.

Listen, I'm glad your husband loves you. I'm glad your husband wants to have sex with you and thinks you're sexy, but- you're missing the whole point. 

Do YOU love you?
Do YOU think you're sexy?

Stop using your significant other, your husband, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your WHOEVER to try and make yourself feel better.

"Your confidence, your self-worth, your power should not hinge on anyone else. If you want to feel confident and bring that into the world- that needs to come from the inside- not from the outside."

Feb 8, 2018

This is the follow up episode to my interview with Hannah from episode 41.

I talk about the ONE thing that you're not allowed to do, as far as I'm concerned ;) 

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Feb 1, 2018

You can follow Hannah on IG at @happyhealthyhans 

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Jan 29, 2018

What are the four brain tendencies and what the hell do they have to do with your issues with food?


In today's episode, we talk about the 4 brain tendencies; dive a bit deeper into which "bucket" you need to be focusing on the most when it comes to changing your body. Should you be focused more on your workouts? Or more on your nutrition?

The Four Brain Tendencies was read from Dr. Jade Teta's Instagram. 
You can follow him on IG @jadeteta

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Jan 18, 2018

I'm SO pumped to have Jenn Hand, founder of "The Normal Eaters Club" on the show today for episode 39 of the Podcast, episode 6 of the Food Freedom Series!

You can find Jenn on Facebook here.

You can find Jenn's website here.

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Jan 13, 2018

Does starvation mode exist?
Is your body really holding on to extra weight because you're not eating enough? We're talking all about that today.

We also dive deeper into the metabolism.
How eating less isn't necessarily the answer to weight loss,
how feeling hungry doesn't mean you're losing weight, and what to do if you're hungry all of the time. 

To dive deeper into the can-of-worms that encompasses the human body, we also talk about what a reverse diet is, how you know if you need one, and how to reverse diet. 

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