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Nov 27, 2016

I ate a bagel a day for 28 days and didn't gain one pound of fat. 

I'm sure you're thinking "If I ate like that, I'd FOR SURE gain weight. No way!"

I've had people tell me I can eat how I want because I'm young. Because I work out a lot. Bla bla bla. All of this BS that makes me cringe- because none of it is true. 

My thyroid doesn't work- I keep having to remind people of this because, quite frankly, my metabolism sucks. Like, it's slower than that of any 50 year old woman who has a functioning thyroid. 

So how was I able to eat an entire, white bagel every single day and not gain a single pound? Listen to find out :) 

The blog post for this episode can be found 
by clicking here. 

Nov 21, 2016

How do you plan on handling eating this Thanksgiving? 

Here is your comprehensive guide to how to handle eating this Thanksgiving. 

Did you know the average American gains 5-7 pounds over the Holiday season? 

This episode talks about how you can approach eating this Thanksgiving Holiday without feeling guilty, and without gaining a single pound. 

Share this episode with women who:

-Overeat all Holiday season long, only to commit to a diet on New Years Day
-Are afraid of eating pie on Thanksgiving
-Workout tirelessly before Thanksgiving dinner in order to "earn" their meal
-Who relentlessly commit themselves to a treadmill on Black Friday in order to burn off their Thanksgiving meal
-Want a way to eat what they love on Thanksgiving without feeling an ounce of guilt or fear of gaining weight 

Oct 26, 2016

I know way too many people that workout on a regular basis and yet, year after year, they experience no changes to their appearance. 

Without focusing on the nutrition component (easily the largest, most important component to changing your body)- what else could be going on with your exercise routine that is preventing you from seeing results. 

Without talking too much about any dietary issues like consuming too many calories- why is it that you're busting your ass, day in and day out at the gym, and still feel like your body isn't reflecting your hard work?

This episode talks about the all-too-common misconceptions in the fitness realm. Seeing results from your workouts is actually a product of some pretty specific parameters- most of which people either don't know about or ignore all together.

I talk about:

>>Why group fitness classes are not producing the results you want >>How and why I only use Cross Fit as a supplement to my exercise routine
>>Why it's so important to get really clear on your goals and your reason for participating in an exercise routine.
>>Why muscle soreness isn't really all that important
>>Why you shouldn't give yourself your own Brazilian Wax ;)

Share this episode with anyone who:

-Participates in group fitness classes regularly or as the ONLY source of exercise
-People who hit the gym several days of week and still aren't seeing results
-Anyone frustrated with their lack of progress as it relates to their current exercise routine
-People who don't know the importance of following a progressive program

Oct 13, 2016

Welcome to episode 8!

This episode was opened up to our Facebook followers, where people submitted their questions for me to answer. Nothing was off limits!

Here is what I answer in this episode:

-Should you eat back the calories you burn during a workout?
-Explain the myth about women lifting weights and getting bulky
-How I was able to essentially not lose any weight but still change my body composition
-What vegetables you should avoid at dinner
-How I knew I had an autoimmune disease
-What my workout routine looks like

This was a fun one to record, so I will definitely be doing another one of these again!
Sep 26, 2016

I used to believe two things:
1) The meaner I was to myself, the more I would be motivated to workout more and eat less to have a "better" body.
2) I thought the "better" my body looked, the more I would be able to love and accept myself.

Both of these thoughts were WRONG. 

This episode is for women who also believe those things to be true.
Cynthia helps us get down to the psychology behind negative self-talk- why it doesn't motivate us, and what we can do about. We also talk about WHY we all seem to think that happiness and radical self-acceptance is NOT on the other end of a smaller number on the scale or a smaller pants size. If you don't see your worth right now, you will continue to be devoid of any self-love or self-acceptance, no matter how much weight you lose. Take a listen to hear more about what I'm talking about!

Here's to feeling more confident, no matter what you look like.

More about Cynthia:
Cynthia Koskiewicz is a certified Life Coach, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the State of Illinois. She received her Bachelors of Science (Psychology) from Northern Illinois University and her Masters of Arts (Clinical Professional Psychology) from Roosevelt University.

After working in the corporate world for over 13 years, Cynthia embarked on her decade-long clinical career, serving her clients in a variety of settings, including a residential therapeutic community in rural Vermont, inpatient detox for chemical dependence, outpatient clinic for opiate dependence, and a private practice specializing in neurofeedback. In 2012, Cynthia opened her own private practice to help women and their families heal from their past traumas and create healthier lives.

Cynthia integrates her 10+ years of clinical experience with the training she received from the "Catalyst Coaching Course,” spear-headed by Los Angeles-based fellow therapist and coach, John Kim, LMFT. This coaching certification was created especially for professionals in the field who want to take people from baseline to thriving.

Today, Cynthia integrates this hybrid of clinical experience and coaching expertise as a Life Catalyst Coach and Confidence Mentor for women. She helps women who feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and scattered with the direction of their lives by teaching evidenced-based techniques rooted in Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Positive Psychology. By focusing on their specific challenges and values-based goals, Cynthia teaches women how to transform their “Inner Bitch” from their worst enemy into their strongest ally so that they can feel more peaceful, grounded and happy.

To find out how Cynthia can help you make lasting positive changes in your life, visit and

Sep 7, 2016

How many of you begin each Monday thinking "I HAVE to eat good all week since I ate so BAD all weekend long!"

Enough is enough.

5 days of "perfect" eating and 2 days of bingeing and overeating foods will produce zero results. And I mean ZERO. I'm living proof.

It wasn't until I stopped trying to be perfect, and taught myself to eat mindfully and moderately that I was able to finally be at PEACE with food and actually see changes in my body composition. (Hello, this 4'9" nugget of a human used to wear a size 6 and now wears a 0, and I eat a shit ton of bacon, peanut butter, and chips.. with zero guilt, go figure!)

Eating moderately doesn't sound nearly as sexy as "follow this three day juice cleanse detox!" But I can promise you that crap doesn't work. None of that shit works. 

Learn to enjoy the way you eat, every single day. 
Learn to stop bingeing. 

7 days of CONSISTENT MODERATION will produce results TENFOLD to 
4-5 days of "perfection" and then 2-3 days of blowout eating. 

This is a totally counterintuitive episode, but it's one you need to hear. 

"Meals don't happen in isolation" adapted from Jill Coleman @

Aug 7, 2016

I spent the first 20+ years of my life hating myself.
Every day was a bad day- I was never enough.

I turned to fitness to "change" myself- thinking that, somehow, being "skinny"
would make me better- more worthy, more acceptable, more important. I thought that I hated myself because I wasn't "skinny."

And you know what? That's a load of bullshit. 

If you can't learn to love yourself RIGHT F'N NOW, no matter how "skinny" you get, you still won't get there. Loving yourself and feeling GOOD won't be found with a number on the scale or a smaller pair of jeans- learning to love yourself actually has nothing to do with that.

Although I have managed to change my body composition, learning to accept my body and feel good in the skin I'm in came from a shift in perspective. 

Do I want all women to just say "screw it, I'll stay overweight!" No. Hell no. Because being overweight is NOT GOOD for your health. But, all too often, we embark on a fitness journey in hopes that somehow- we'll be enough. Our goals are attached to appearances and our "success" is defined by our opinions of ourselves and the validation from others. We seek compliments about how our bodies look- and somehow think that that's the key to finally being at peace and embracing yourself for all that we are.

In this episode, I talk about why that's crap.
I talk about what's worked for me to finally feel GOOD and confident with my body- even though I'm FAR from model status. (Best part is, is that I'm OK with that!)

It's taken lots of work, practice, and time- but I'm finally there.
And I want you to get there, too! 

Jul 23, 2016

Are you a slave to the treadmill?
Worried sick that if you skip your cardio for the day that you'll somehow gain a bunch of weight?

That's because traditional cardio is like a loan for your results.

The secret to achieving the results you're looking for lies within lifting weights and interval training types of cardio- those act as an investment towards your goals. 

Listen for more of what I'm talking about!


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If not, rest assured that they'll be up SOMETIME SOON, and then the real party can start again :) 

Let me know if you have questions, comments, or have any other topics in mind that you'd like for me to talk about in an upcoming episode! 

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Jul 10, 2016

With all of the diet information out there at our fingertips, ever wonder why we're in the middle of an obesity epidemic? Or ever wonder why you're not at your goal weight yet?
It's because diets don't work. 

We've been lead to believe that there are "good" foods and "bad" foods when it comes to changing the way our bodies look. And you know what? That's a lie. 

I'm not saying eat junk food. I'm not saying there aren't benefits to mostly consuming foods like fruit, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, etc. but you don't have to be miserable on your quest to changing your body and becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. 

What if I told you that you absolutely CAN lose weight and still have a donut on Saturday morning with your coffee? 

What if I told you that you don't have to waste your money on any more BS cleanses, pills, detox kits, or MLM nutrition schemes? 

Is it voodoo magic?
No. It's science.

Listen for more of what I mean!