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The Confidence Project

The Confidence Project Podcast is your no bullshit approach to creating a life you can be obsessed about.

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Nov 6, 2018

I giggled through almost this entire episode as I recounted only just a few of the things that taught me early on that I was never going to be "a lucky girl."

It started in Kindergarten, to be honest, and the losing situations just kept on piling themselves on. This isn't even close to 1% of the situations I've been in where the Universe essentially kept telling me "try harder."

And so, while my life is far from extraordinary, constant failures and setbacks have done one thing for me: taught me how to keep fighting for whatever I want.

Every single thing I have in my life right now has been the product of nothing but hard work. No luck, no fortune. Just a solid support system (what's up Mom & Dad!) and a desire to rise.

At the end of the day, I'd rather be a product of hard work instead of luck. After each mountain that I've climbed, I'm able to say "I worked my ass off to get here", and that's held true in every facet of my life: health, body, brains, and business.

I hope you decide to share some of your stories of triumph with me!
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