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The Confidence Project

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Oct 26, 2016

I know way too many people that workout on a regular basis and yet, year after year, they experience no changes to their appearance. 

Without focusing on the nutrition component (easily the largest, most important component to changing your body)- what else could be going on with your exercise routine that is preventing you from seeing results. 

Without talking too much about any dietary issues like consuming too many calories- why is it that you're busting your ass, day in and day out at the gym, and still feel like your body isn't reflecting your hard work?

This episode talks about the all-too-common misconceptions in the fitness realm. Seeing results from your workouts is actually a product of some pretty specific parameters- most of which people either don't know about or ignore all together.

I talk about:

>>Why group fitness classes are not producing the results you want >>How and why I only use Cross Fit as a supplement to my exercise routine
>>Why it's so important to get really clear on your goals and your reason for participating in an exercise routine.
>>Why muscle soreness isn't really all that important
>>Why you shouldn't give yourself your own Brazilian Wax ;)

Share this episode with anyone who:

-Participates in group fitness classes regularly or as the ONLY source of exercise
-People who hit the gym several days of week and still aren't seeing results
-Anyone frustrated with their lack of progress as it relates to their current exercise routine
-People who don't know the importance of following a progressive program