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The Confidence Project

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Oct 9, 2019

In business, EVERYTHING FEELS LIKE A FIRE that needs to be put out immediately.

Before you know it, you've worked all day long and feel like you have nothing to show for it.

I know this feeling because I've been there plenty of times- and sometimes still find myself there from time to time even these days.

Every time I feel like my business is a series of massive fires that need tending to, it's because my priorities haven't been set up straight.

When I know what my dial movers are and what requires my most immediate attention, I can manage both my time and energy a hell of a lot better so that I'm making sure what needs to get done is getting done, and realize that not everything needs to get done today or even tomorrow.

Talk about creating some breathing room, right?

If everything in your biz feels like a fire, this one's for you!