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The Confidence Project

The Confidence Project Podcast is your no bullshit approach to creating a life you can be obsessed about.

Stop dieting, stop doubting yourself, and get ready to level up.

Nov 22, 2018

100% an impromptu episode! Less than 8 minutes long- but here for those of you who need a pep talk and a pat on the behind before you head off into a potential battle field around the Thanksgiving table.

This very well may be you're first year not dieting at this time, and you're navigating food very differently this year than you have in past years. So I wanted to send you off for the rest of your day with some words of encouragement!

I'd love to hear your successes from today (and all days!) and you can either drop them in my inbox, sent them to me on IG @christina_montalvo or share them with all of the women inside The Confidence Project Facebook group.

With so much love,