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The Confidence Project

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Aug 6, 2020

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I can guarantee you're lacking boundaries.
In your personal life... and definitely in your business.

Even if you have a few boundaries in place, I'd be willing to bet there's still room for improvement.

What's a boundary? A commitment to yourself FOR yourself.

One great way to know you're lacking sufficient boundaries? RESENTMENT.

Resenting your job? Resenting the time it's taking you to run your business?  Resenting a specific client?  BOUNDARIES. You need more boundaries, you need better communication, you need more alignment, and you need to get over this idea that women with boundaries are less altruistic or "mean" in some way.

Another way to think about boundaries in your business is POLICIES. Policies within a business keep YOU (the business owner) safe. Your time is kept safe, your intellectual property is safe, your income is safe, your sanity is safe.

Do you feel your time is not yours? That your clients dictate how and when you're working? SET MORE BOUNDARIES and manage their expectations.

Are you regularly annoyed that you seem to consistently rescind on your commitments to yourself in your personal life? For example, you tell yourself that you're going out for one drink so that you can get to bed on time and wake up early to get extra work done.... and yet you find yourself getting home at 2am and you're annoyed with your friends/with yourself for seemingly never having control over how your time is spent? BOUNDARIES.

A boundary-heavy person is a happy person.

You can't set boundaries or uphold them for yourself for a few reasons- here are two:



Ask yourself why it's more important for other people to like you versus making sure you LIKE YOURSELF.

Ask yourself why managing others' experience of you is more important than your experience of yourself.

Ask yourself why someone else's desires are more important than yours.


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