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The Confidence Project

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Apr 30, 2019

There are countless ways that parents can begin to instill diet culture in their children- even with the best of intentions and especially without knowing that they're doing so.

You see, dieting disconnects your brain from your body and there are subtle ways that parents encourage this behavior. One of the most common ways that this shows up is when parents encourage or force their children to finish all of the food on their plate. Typically, this is a generational thing- passed down for decades amongst the family for a host of reasons- some of which I cover in this episode.

While it might feel like you're letting your kids "get away with things" or that by not forcing your children to eat every pea and carrot on their plate that they'll suddenly become malnourished or unhealthy- the negative impacts of teaching your children that their body cannot be trusted (along with the other habits that are picked up along this route) will far outweigh any short-term consequence or turbulence that comes from presenting food in a neutral and stress-free way- which includes not forcing them to finish their dinner. 

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