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The Confidence Project

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Mar 26, 2019

I speak openly about my financial struggles here on the podcast pretty often. What I've come to learn over the years is that even though at times my financial issues were REAL (like- should I just live out of my car, or?), a lot of them stemmed from a crappy money mindset.

As a business owner, it wasn't until I put money (lots of it!) on the line that things shifted for me. But before I set out to change others' lives, I was already investing in my own personal journey. I had coaches, and those coaches were also investing in coaches. There was such a disconnect between what it took to level up my fitness and what it was going to take to level up in my business.

I used to think money was SACRED. Make it and hoard it- do not spend it!

I used to think that having to pay someone to teach me something or mentor me meant that I sucked because I couldn't do it on my own.
All of that just pointed back to a lack of trust in myself, a lack of trust in others, and a crap-ass money mindset. And ultimately, it kept me stuck. What I had to realize was that spending money is just an exchange of energy.

The worst part was when I was projecting my own money issues onto my clients. "They can't afford this!" It wasn't until I realized that by keeping my prices "so low" that I was doing them a total disservice. So, how did raising my prices completely transform my clients? How did raising my prices help my clients level up?

We have Emily Gough of The Room to Grow podcast on the show today! You can find Emily on IG @emilygoughcoach or check out her website: