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The Confidence Project

The Confidence Project Podcast is your no bullshit approach to creating a life you can be obsessed about.

Stop dieting, stop doubting yourself, and get ready to level up.

Feb 5, 2019

How much time and energy have you wasted scrolling through Pinterest trying to find healthy alternatives for your favorite foods?

You head to the store with the ingredients for SUPER HEALTHY cookies because these somehow feel safer, better, cleaner, and let's be real- cause you less anxiety and guilt when you eat them, right? Right.

So what's the deal with healthy hacks anyway?
Is there any validity?
What's the point?

At some point, you'll realize that there is likely a compensatory response to your never-ending quest of finding the 'healthiest' alternative to your favorite foods.

Those compensatory responses can either be:
-Bingeing on food (that you've deemed healthy or not)
-fear and anxiety around foods that you don't feel are healthy enough
-you end up eating the "real" thing anyway because you realize all of your diet-friendly food actually tastes like ass and doesn't take the edge off quite like you'd hoped long term

But should your diet (noun) be comprised of nothing but the least nutritious foods? No. Absolutely not. And this is a fine line to walk, and it's hard! I get it, I really do.

In today's episode, I walk you through the real deal with healthy hacks.

-Should you be making oatmeal, banana, raisin cookies instead of just having some regular Chips Ahoy cookies or Girl Scout cookies?
-How to create your own discernments around what foods are worth it to you and which aren't
-How diets turn into subcultures and none of them make sense
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